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This is a Non-profit, Educational Advocacy blog for those in need of  FREE Access to resources regarding lifestyle transitions / alternative living,  Managing Chronic Physical and Mental Illness and Overcoming Dependency / Addiction (food, drugs, negative self image, judgement, self sabotage, co-dependency and similar patterns of behavior and habit)

However, this page is also for everyone, from all walks of life!

Catching Dreams

What inspires // Interests me;

Helping People, Helping Myself, Nutrition, Lifestyle Hacks , Emotional Well-Being , Positive Perspective, “Drug/Pharmaceutical” free life style, Healing Clinical Depression, Raw Food.
Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Plant Medicine,  Botany, Mycology, Nature, Gardening, Hiking, Photography, Animals, Equality, Kindness, Art, Music Therapy (Dementia), Behavior & Philosophy.

My studies also include;

Tick Borne Illness / Epigenetics / Scoliosis / Cervical Instability / Spina Bifida-Tethered Cord Syndrome / MTHFR Genes / Autism /  Mast Cell Activation / Allergies / MCTD / Collagen / Keratin Disorders / Lymphatic System / Gut-Brain Microbiome / Medical research / Lyme Disease “Survivor” & Advocate//Awareness / Cognitive Behavioral Therapy / “Special Needs Care” for Children & Adults / Rare Disease Network / Disability/Invisible Disability Advocate / Medical Marijuana Advocate & Education – Psychedelics Medical Research for Terminal illness & PTSD.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you will find something to benefit you or your loved ones!
Feel free to leave a comment/request below regarding posts you’d like to see in the future and/or questions.

Happy Healing = ]

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Zion National Park

* This site contains Amazon  & Neurobiologix  Affiliate links to products I use & have found helpful in managing Late Stage Lyme / Neuroborreliosis, and the dermatitis known as “Morgellons.” All commissions from purchases go to support my Blog/Social Media (intended to further benefit sufferers), charities and fundraisers and my own personal Health Care Costs (I do not receive Disability or SSI) Your support is greatly appreciated!

Affiliate Products / Lyme / Illness Information

Helpful products – Natural Chronic Illness management Facebook Links

* This information is not intended to replace Professional Medical advice, please seek your Physician  or Lyme Literate Doctor for medical attention and appropriate care*

AltLifeStylist.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.


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