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Quick Guide : How I Optimize My Immune System


Quick Look 
For in depth details on studies and science backing these Supplements, Amino Acids, ~~Enzymes & Herbs~~
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Supplements I use

Neurobiologix Supplements

D3, K2, Methyl Folate Plus, Mito Cell PQQ


Quantum Super Lysine / Herbs

Super Lysine

Lysine Immune Support

Multi Mushroom Support for Immune Response

Host Defense

Mushroom Immunity Formula

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Avoid the Flu Click for tips

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Passionate about Health & Healing! Raw Food ~ Clean Eating ~Alternative Lifestyle Advice ~ Ethical / Clean Products ~ Overcoming Chronic Illness

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Hello Everyone & welcome to my blog. Over the last few years, a lot has changed for me personally, which has shifted my Blog direction mainly to Health, Nutrition and the betterment of one’s overall lifestyle, mental state and shared experience .
❤︎ I hope you will find something that will benefit you, wherever you are in this life and magical journey ❤︎

New articles , Original Blog posts; 

❤︎Raw Food for HealthHealth/Lifestyle Management // treating/healing/reversing  Chronic Illness/Depression/Anxiety.

❤︎Benefits of CLEAN EATING, Whole Foods, Vegetarian & Veganism for genetically predisposed people with specific diseases and reversing lifestyle related illness.
80/10/10 – Fruitarian – Raw Till 4 – Intermittent Fasting – Clean – Whole – High Carb / Low Fat (Vegan)

❤︎New advances in Science and Medicine. Lymphatic System, Immunology, Genetics, Environmental Contaminants and Gene Expression.

❤︎Physical Therapy Tips / Methods / Information – KEEP MOVING!

❤︎Alternative Lifestyle Choices & moving through the emotional pitfalls and negative emotions such as fear, shame and guilt.

❤︎Being your best self in the face of obstacles, adversity & helping others in the process.

❤︎Ethical, Responsible & Clean products for anyone and everyone looking to live a more naturally aligned life.

❤︎Art, Decor, Design, New fascinating Ideas/Events/Resources & Trends.

Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again soon!

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