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Spring 2018


Photos taken on the Washington State Olympic Peninsula 


Overcome Seasonal Allergies this year with  Neurobiologix


Neurobiologix FAQ – Allergy Supplements




& Raw Foods =]



Woodstock // Canada Fruit Fests


Woodstock Fruit Fest

Woodstock Fruit Fest

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Canada Fruit Fest

Canada Fruit Fest



Starting a new support page for Lymies & other Chronic Illness Warriors – Please feel to contribute.



is intended to help those going through Chronic Illness/Pain and the various stages of Lyme & Co Infections. This is a platform for support and advice on managing symptoms and increasing quality of life.  Please visit & Like our Facebook while this site is under construction. Thank you = ]

There’s is hope! There can be wonderful life after Lyme & Illness, even during!

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Neurobiologix /Amazon.
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* This information is not intended to replace Professional Medical advice, please seek your Physician for medical attention and care*

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Hello Spring

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 11.55.29 PM

Hope everyone is enjoying the new season & taking advantage of the fresh air, sunshine & beautiful natural scenery!


Here are some of my photos from the Northern California area.

~Tips for Feeling Great~

*Get ample sunshine (or at least 30 minutes / day)  — As well as healthy non-synthetic skin protectants; raw foods, healthy virgin/raw oils & natural after sun formulas.

~Sunlight improves working memory, mood and vitamin D3 production.

— You can visit sites like to find out where your household & beauty products stand when it comes to ethics and current health standards/research.

*Breathe Clean Air – House Plants, air purifiers, moving to more densely forested areas or taking a regular break from the city smog can make all the difference in your outlook and health. Get out and hike once a week or visit a local park with your furry friends.. And non-furry friends too. Nobody is meant to be boxed in – We all love nature.

Yellow Swallowtail - Monarch

Yellow Swallowtail – Monarch

*Get Rest  — as much as your body requires, even if it means a nap here or there. Over 70%  of our sensory stimulation is through visual intake — Close your eyes for 5-15 minutes, relax and reboot your sensory system.

*Get enough fiber to keep your metabolism ramped up and moving– You will feel the extra energy preserved by the digestive aid.

~Fruits and Veggies are very high in fiber per unit & are easily digested by a healthy gut. They have high water content (hydration/detox) – Fiber (Digest/Detox) – Enzymes/Amino Acids (Clean, Digest & Build)

myfooddata . com is a convenient place to reference nutritional content of fresh foods

Fruits and veggies contain important phytonutrients, “free-radical”  (think aging) fighting antioxidants, & enzymes to digest & uptake minerals // vitamins in the most biologically streamlined manner. For more information.

~They also help clean the intestines and colon of buildup from otherwise non digestible material/plaque. Enzymes / Pro-Pre Biotics are essentially, the Dental Hygienist of your GI Tract – Visit them often for optimal health.

Probiotics / Fermented Fruits - Veggies

Probiotics / Fermented Fruits – Veggies

Probiotics - Disease Preventing

Probiotics – Disease Preventing -

Juicing with the Omega NC800

Obsessed with juice. Especially making raw juice.

*Stay hydrated – Pick your favorite healthy beverage [[ Fruit infused water – Herbal Tea – Antioxidant rich juice ]] & go to town : )

~Never feel guilty getting extra fluids, Nutritionally dense food (AKA calories) or necessary brain fueling Glucose. “Glucose is on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines, the most important medications needed in a basic health system”

~Every cell in your body is alive and requires replenishing of nutrients and hydration to carry out metabolic waste and keep your organs healthy and productive.

~Avoid beverages and food items containing: corn syrups, processed sugar, “sugar-free” chemical sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose (Splenda) , Equal, Sweet ‘N Low, as they contribute to Chronic Illness such as; Insulin Resistance, Obesity & Acidosis of the Lymphatic System.

Neurobiologix Supplements

*Be sure to check your MTHFR Gene Variant status & DO supplement with B, C, D3 (methylated bioactive) vitamins/minerals.

–>To find out more on this topic, please see this link<– 
~I have also briefly written about my own personal experience HERE. 

Thank you for reading

Wishing you health and happiness =]

Quick Guide : How I Optimize My Immune System


Quick Look 
For in depth details on studies and science backing these Supplements, Amino Acids, ~~Enzymes & Herbs~~
Please continue to the link & page below

Follow this link:
Supplements I use

Neurobiologix Supplements

D3, K2, Methyl Folate Plus, Mito Cell PQQ


Quantum Super Lysine / Herbs

Super Lysine

Lysine Immune Support

Multi Mushroom Support for Immune Response

Host Defense

Mushroom Immunity Formula

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Avoid the Flu Click for tips

More Coming Soon – Thank you for visiting ! 

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Spring Photos // Adventures // Juicing

Recent Photos // Getting Inspired


Healthy Living Inspiration 

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Hello Everyone & welcome to my blog. Over the last few years, a lot has changed for me personally, which has shifted my Blog direction mainly to Health, Nutrition and the betterment of one’s overall lifestyle, mental state and shared experience .
❤︎ I hope you will find something that will benefit you, wherever you are in this life and magical journey ❤︎

New articles , Original Blog posts; 

❤︎Raw Food for HealthHealth/Lifestyle Management // treating/healing/reversing  Chronic Illness/Depression/Anxiety.

❤︎Benefits of CLEAN EATING, Whole Foods, Vegetarian & Veganism for genetically predisposed people with specific diseases and reversing lifestyle related illness.
80/10/10 – Fruitarian – Raw Till 4 – Intermittent Fasting – Clean – Whole – High Carb / Low Fat (Vegan)

❤︎New advances in Science and Medicine. Lymphatic System, Immunology, Genetics, Environmental Contaminants and Gene Expression.

❤︎Physical Therapy Tips / Methods / Information – KEEP MOVING!

❤︎Alternative Lifestyle Choices & moving through the emotional pitfalls and negative emotions such as fear, shame and guilt.

❤︎Being your best self in the face of obstacles, adversity & helping others in the process.

❤︎Ethical, Responsible & Clean products for anyone and everyone looking to live a more naturally aligned life.

❤︎Art, Decor, Design, New fascinating Ideas/Events/Resources & Trends.

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