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    Welcome to the Neurobiologix information page
    Neurobiologix is an Austin, Texas based Epigenetic/Supplement & Nutrition company

    I have been personally using their products on a daily basis for one and a half years consistently, after genetic DNA testing via mouth swab sample. I began taking these supplements for crippling fatigue and relentless Dermatitis due to the aftermath of Late Stage untreated Tick Borne Illness (MSIDS)  , Hemiplegic Migraines // Aura, Sensory Processing Disorder and ongoing Encephalopathy .Although, I can’t say I am abundantly more energetic at this point in time, I have much hope which I can thank my wonderful ENT, Neurobiologix Team & Dr. Kendal Stewart,  for. These supplements are a Godsend for those whom have Genetic Variants/ SNPs and rare diseases that require extra nutritional support and more efficient uptake with bio identical  vitamins and minerals. For the first time in 10 years I have more good days (relatively pain free) than ever before..  MTHFR Gene “Mutations” SNPs  & Collagen Hyper-mobility runs genetically in my female family members and I have personally been very adversely affected by this in regards to  unexplained pain throughout my teenage years and twenties… I am so relieved to find something I can ADD to my ‘Raw Food’ lifestyle preference and always feel I’m getting what I need.  I don’t look at supplements as an ‘expense’ , rather see them as an ‘investment’ .. They are essentially my ‘Preventative Health Insurance’ and ‘Cellular Detoxing / Restorative Powerhouse’ snacks. They are equal to the food and liquid fuel I ingest, just as important!If you choose to try Neurobiologix, Please consult your Physician/Care Provider to explore the appropriate options for you!


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    If you know your MTHFR status, for a supplement guide
    Click Here


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    Some may choose to go a step further and look into a Geneticist and Gene Testing if they feel they need the extra support and conclusive answers. There are many different Genetic Testing companies.. Be wary to look into how  some of those companies will utilize your information and DNA/Personal Property before choosing to test with them. Neurobiologix uses a specific testing lab & company : genomix

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    Vitamin D Council

     Supplements I take:

    Mito Cell

    Mito Cell PQQ

    I take both the Neuro-Immune Stabilizer topical Cream and the capsules due to stomach motility issues caused by Central Nervous System Dysfunction. I do like to add a bit to my face moisturizer, as the vitamin K is said to help heal skin issues and does not always make it to the skin tissue through diet alone for some MTHFR + people. I would not go without this supplement in particular.. It helps a lot with joint pain, wound healing, and nutrient uptake. I definitely start to notice after a few days of not taking them. I have seen many positive remarks online from parents who have had a lot of success with hyperactive / inattentive ‘impulsive’  behaving children and teens with the Immune Stabilizer Cream.
    * I do not recommend off label use / Please verify with your Physician / Geneticist / Testing Company before beginning any new Diet/ medications / supplement.

    MethylFolate Plus


    I tested LOW around 27 on my vitamin D blood test… I went through over 15 Doctors, countless ER visits with vicious Migraines for 10 years, which are linked to low Vitamin D and MTHFR Genes.. No answers with basic blood panels, instead pushing black label medications/psychotropic drugs starting at age 12. News of my congenital heart condition came accidentally at age 19, despite being symptomatic since I could remember. Medical PTSD is definitely a very real thing for many people.. You grow up thinking it’s “normal” to feel unwell all the time, to be lagging behind.. It’s not. Please don’t let your children/teens or loved ones go unheard if they may be suffering from one of these relatively common gene variants that effect brain, blood and lymphatic chemistry. Epigenetic Studies are a fast up and coming (long known, underutilized) advancement in Immunologic, Psychiatric and Disease Treatment Research and protocol implementation.

    Epigenetic Modifications by Dietary Chemopreventive and Herbal Phytochemicals – Diet and Herbs may influence gene expression and Immune Regulation, studies show.

    Are you Vitamin D Deficient? 

    Click to learn more about how Vitamin D testing  can sometimes be misleading, as there are different types of tests, different Physicians will offer.. And different standards depending on whom you ask. Some say a level <50 is ideal, my Dr and other Raw Food Advocates & Nutritionists recommend a level near 100 to be optimal.  Turns out MTHFR mutations disrupt vitamin D production and make B vitamin utilization far less efficient. I’ve taken many vitamin D supplements and I always go back to this brand..  I really prefer this high dose (10,000 IU /day)
    at one a day vs taking multiple.

    “Less is more” is often  good motto to save money.. But definitely don’t go without if you suspect you may be suffering from one or more of the many gene related symptoms people often complain about day to day but can’t seem to shake despite their best intentions. My supplements run me about $165.00 / every two months but keep me out of the ER and Doctor’s office, which saves me a lot ( time, travel costs, co-pay, testing, emergencies, health insurance deductibles, not to mention my sanity… )


    D3 - K2

    10,000 IUs Natural Vitamin D3 / 45 mcg of K2 2 Month Supply

    Some other products I have tried and enjoyed but have not found to be necessary for me personally, considering the ingredients in the formulas I currently take.

    D3 Yummy Gummies 60 Chews (Vegan/Soy Free)  – Delicious!




    Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 2.07.04 AM
    Browse & Shop here
    & Remember,
    it’s an ‘Investment in Health Insurance’
    “Your Health is your Wealth”

    Thank you for  your support, reading and considering browsing Neurobiologix via the links on this site. Happy Healing!



    Neurobiologix Supplements

    D3, K2, Methyl Folate Plus, Mito Cell PQQ

    Also pictured for immune support

    Amazon Quantum Super Lysine Tablets (Canker Sores / Cold Sores / Ulcers /Tissue Healing) Lysine and arginine on fracture healing in rabbits

    Amazon Host Defense – MyCommunity Capsules, Multi Mushroom Support for Immune Response, Mushrooms and Immunity // Cancer


    * This information is not intended to replace Professional Medical advice, please seek your Physician // Geneticist// Nutritionist // “Lyme Literate” Doctor for medical attention and appropriate care*

    Start slow – Be patient with your body, healing and progress are never overnight.

    No more ; Loose Teeth/Sensitivity/Brittle, Bleeding Gums, Dry Mouth/Eyes, Blepharitis, Easy Bruising, Joint Subluxations/Pain, Chronic Migraines, Hair Loss, Dermatitis/Rashes, Itchy Dry Skin, Blood Sugar Fluxuations, Histamine Intolerance, Eye Pain, Loss of Vision, Electrical Nerve Pain , Motor Tics , Word Finding Issues, Chronic TMJ/Dislocations, Verbal Strain (dysphonia) 
    Increased cognitive ability, stress tolerance, muscle recovery, muscle gain, great sense of smell and taste!

    If you have any questions, please drop a comment in the box reserved below 💙

    Lyme - Tick Borne Illness - Dermatitis - "Morgellons"

    First image is  the AFTER Dermatitis  treatment photo  : Neurobiologix & treating MTHFR pathways – A life saver!

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