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Tiger Swallowtail

Tiger Swallowtail – Mt Shasta CA

Hello There,

I started this page initially as mainly a creative outlet, however as the years progressed — Detoxing from Lyme & Mold illness has redirected my personal passion and life’s purpose to empowering people to help heal themselves & support others.

For a long time I hoped that I would overcome systemic illness quickly, simply and easily through clean eating and positivity .. But life had other plans. I soon learned that this journey would be long and at times torturous, but I am not alone – FAR FROM IT. Being sick has stripped & disqualified me of many of my former dreams, and goals.. This has been a great and epic loss for my heart and soul.. And for who I thought I was going to be.  Turns out, being sick, has also given me everything I’d always hoped for — TRUE PURPOSE and a higher calling. I don’t see myself as special/chosen and this website is NOT about me. Rather, it’s about the people like me, and those who love and care for them. We all meet adversity in life, for each of us it’s different. The least we can do is be transparent and supportive in the struggles of our brothers and sisters. Uplift one another. Claim your emotional freedom.

Everything impermanent & material can be taken from you, but Soul Expression & Spirit are YOURS eternally.

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If this helps anyone, my life is well-lived and my struggle is validated.

Thank you for reading,

Faye // Alt.LifeStylist


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