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ALL ABOUT YOU! A letter to myself

So.. Recently I have been in a total over-haul of old thought patterns, habits and beliefs that no longer serve my greater purpose in life. This is a major emotional shedding and very uplifting. These things have all been evident for a long time..  However, nothing ever shows itself fully as is, until you fully let go of what isn’t. I have been giving my advice but not taking it nearly enough. I choose to change this and I have been. The rewards have been absolutely life-changing. I am starting to feel better than ever.
I urge and invite others to challenge who they think they are and who they actually are.. ♥♥

There are a million ways we excuse ourselves from living our own, very best lives! 

We constantly point our fingers at others, at circumstance… Playing the victim of life.. 

But all we are really doing is practicing fear based self-victimization and utilizing our defense mechanisms to their fullest. 

Constantly in a fight or flight struggle externally.. And within ourselves. 

We make up our stories of how we have been betrayed, how we sacrifice so much for others to come up empty handed in the end.. We tell ourselves we’re not good enough, or deserving.. God (don’t be so subjective here) must be so cruel to put ME through this. 

~Marianne Williamson

 The truth is.. It’s nobody’s fault but your own. Each moment you give into your stories, your anger, your resentment, your bad habits or place blame, you are allowing these things to manifest as part of your reality. If you are sitting around and over thinking, wishing things could be better.. But nothing happens. 

it’s not going to happen. Until you do something about it. 

Feeling dissatisfied, empty, angry, apathetic, and having low self esteem is your soul’s calling for you to WAKE UP. To yourself.

To see who you really are and what you are capable of. IF you were happy, IF you were truly in alignment with your core beliefs, you would not be self destructive. You would not be giving in to addictive habits and self destructive rituals that call and tempt us via obsessive thought. You would posses self control. The only self you may posses, the only thing you DO have control over. 

 Our dramas are so compelling we cannot resist falling for them.. But that is all we are doing.. Falling for them. A whirlwind romance comprised of avoidance of self-realization. We may compare our lives to the fictional stories we see in movies, on TV, in the media, even to the people around us.. We can begin to live vicariously through all of this and forget to live our own lives! What makes YOU happy? What are YOU here specifically to do or share? What purpose do YOU assign to your life? You are the only one who chooses this. Don’t sell yourself short here.. You have inherent value (if only you could believe in that.)

 Life really does not have to be a series of repeated, self defeating patterns. You do not need to keep sabotaging your health and happiness.. And you do not need someone else to tell your how or show you the way. 

The ingredients for a better life : Self realization. Self love. Acceptance of what is. Determination to be your best (whatever that is for you!) Imagine all of this becoming second nature to you.. Do you believe you are worthy of feeling fulfilled? 

We are fully capable, beautiful creations and co-creators.. Just look around you. Inspire yourself to open your eyes and hearts to the greatness that surrounds you and let the natural momentum propel you in moments to come. 

Life is a gift and until you learn to utilize the tools you have been given with appreciation and gratitude, you may feel like something is lacking..
Sleep walking through life is surely the quickest way to miss out on the juicy layers of life right below your nose!  

 To Infinity, 

 ~The Alternative LifeStylist~

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