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Chapter One ~ Blog Post One

Well, it finally happened…
I registered my own domain name and officially have a REAL blog that I can begin pouring my passion into!! I’m pretty ecstatic, I have been planning it for years and now it has come to be. My focus on this blog will be about living your life the way you want, allowing others to do the same and thinking for yourself.

This human life can leave us feeling really defeated and low about ourselves and each other, but we mustn’t give up faith– For it is all we really have  : ) Part of my purpose in life is to advocate for those who have been through ‘Hell’ on Earth, so we may find ‘Heaven’ together right here.. Finding peace after living a life in turmoil is no easy task and it takes dedication, practice & balance to achieve.. It’s much easier to do when we recognize each person and event in our lives as a series of teachers & lessons… Let’s help expedite and facilitate positive growth in individuals, communities and ultimately, society!

I personally like to live my life with a holistic approach, keeping the mind, body & spirit in sync and feeding the parts of my whole that allow me to continue to progress and expand my awareness. It’s so important to really tap in and listen to our bodies, feel our feelings and develop a positive mental relationship with our inner and external worlds.. This is essential to the full integration of knowledge, imagination and intuition and the key to unlocking all human potential.

Some topics I currently anticipate posting about:

Healthy lifestyle (exercise, eating, self-image), societal ‘norms’ & how we can feel comfortable being who we are, philosophy, creativity/self-expression, art, DIY projects, music, alternative medicine & alternative education/resources.

I will also be posting my own art, poetry and creations.

I hope you will enjoy reading & please feel encouraged to share your own thoughts and experiences as they apply  : )

To Infinity, 

 ~The Alternative LifeStylist~



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