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The Doors of Perception


“The way in which we view something defines for us what we’re going to allow ourselves to see of it. A point of view is merely one degree out of the three hundred and sixty degrees of a circle; each point of view can see from that point only, and so is three hundred and fifty nine degrees blind. When we become fixated on our “point of view,” our interpretations and expectations blind us. This is true of how we view our practice as well. Since our practice is about opening to our life as it is, opening to this moment as it is, and allowing this clear seeing to pervade our life, it is important that our view of practice also be open and clear. This requires honesty with ourselves and our own motives and a very open and clear investigation and recognition of the ways in which we might be approaching our practice as a means to try to grasp at things within our life, instead of opening to the vastness of our life itself.”

So I have been pondering what to post as my first official blog post…

I have this curse of being awfully deliberate in everything I do and things that come in the ‘right’ order make me happy. So I decided I’d post about why I haven’t posted… This will lead into all of the other subjects I wish to write about.

I tend to live my life on the notion that everything is in constant flux and change. Beliefs systems change as we experience our lives.. Our opinions about self, others and the world around us shift as we are met with new challenges and understandings of both an external and internal nature. My life up until now has been unbelievably synchronistic and meaningful, even in the moments I thought it to be everything but.

I have been through hell and back, and back again. I will write about my battles while growing up and how I managed to find peace in the chaos.. And how I now strive for more order [or what I call, practice], while accepting that I cannot cling to it. Basically, anything I write in this blog is subject to change and may inevitably be something entirely different down the road.. So I therefore, choose to be as honest and sincere as I can be when I share and navigate these experiences with you, right now.

There is something to be said of living in extremes and loving it and taking what you have discovered there and channeling it into balance. To remain neutral to life’s tests, to keep an open mind, to look for the signs and affirmations that we are where we are meant to be, in every single moment. To be patient and kind with ourselves and our own pace.. To not compare our journey with that of another individual. Life’s essence is infinite, the most complex intricate, yet simple and elegant design of all possibility. If we truly remain open to the possibilities, we remain open to all perspectives, all ideas, all solutions. This is creative thinking, this is completely tossing out the box and making your own rules.. Living the life, exploring the ideas that resonate deeply with who you are at your core, so you may clearly see and comprehend your passion, but mostly feel it. Tap into the truth of self. You are vast, and you have the power to reflect and go deeply within yourself..

So I fumble around with the idea of what to write first because life is so big! The connections could go forever once you let go of limitations. I don’t want to forget certain details that may spark something in someone reading this and completely over-shoot the point. There are certain words that hold the power of flicking on the switch of awareness and if I can harness those words and tie them up together correctly, I can help liberate minds, souls, hearts.. What is more important?

So here is to keeping an open mind, and understanding that we are all in a very different mind set. Our conditioning and attitudes toward our experiences and our deep underlying fears dictate what we believe to be real and true. We have the power to change our perspective and thus change our realities. Let’s see what magic can come from a little imaginative, open & playful thinking.



“Most people are not really free. They are confined by the niche in the world that they carve out for themselves. They limit themselves to fewer possibilities by the narrowness of their vision.” 

V.S. Naipaul

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